An Introduction to the Science of Hadith


Name : An Introduction to the Science of Hadith




In this book by Suhaib Hasan explains about how Allah preserved the Sunnah by enabling the Companions and other people after them to memorize, write down and expire the statements of prophet Muhammad (SAA), and thus the descriptions of his way, also on continue the blessings of practicing the Sunnah. Later, because the purity of the knowledge of the Sunnah became threatened, Allah caused the Muslim nation to provide outstanding individuals of incredible memory-skills and analytical expertise, who journeyed tirelessly to collect many thousands of narrations and distinguish truth words of precious wisdom of their messenger, prophet Muhammad (SAA) from those corrupted by weak memories, from forgeries by unscrupulous liars, and from the statements of the large number of ‘ulamah’, the Companions, and other people who followed their way, who had taught in various centers of learning and helped in preaching the messages of Muhammad (SAA) – all of this achieved through precise attention to the words narrated and detailed familiarity with the biographies of the thousands of reporters of Hadith.


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