Crossing Red Lights – A Novel


Name : Crossing Red Lights: A Novel

Publisher : Virgo Books




Crossing Red Lights is an amazing work by Sadaf Ayaz, a young author of America. This book is an action coming-of-age mystery and romantic novel that will make you tears, joy, and utter confusion. Emma Green is your average teenager – approximately you would possibly think. Emma has the right ally , boyfriend, and family anyone would want, maybe that’s why nobody in the city of Brooklyn expects anything to travel wrong in her life. But, oh boy, does everything go askew. When Emma’s parents travel AWOL after a family drive during a thunderstorm, everything starts to fall down. Emma loses all hope when she awakes within the hospital with short-term amnesia, and there isn’t one hint on where they will be. Following her instinct and not trusting the detective’s shifty eyes, Emma and her friends set to seek out out exactly what happened that night, and who of all people did the terrible act. Cracking the self-motto of never breaking rules, Emma plays detective with a criminal twist and finds new love within the process. But will it work? can it solve the mystery?


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