Gifts for the Seeker


Name : Gifts for the Seeker

Translator : Mostafa Al-Badawi




“Gifts for the Seeker” is written by a well known Yemeni Islamic scholar of Sufism Abdullah Ibn Alawi Al Haddad.  In his book the he provided the answers of many questions often asked by seekers of inward illumination such as-

What are the important implications of the doctrine of divine unity?

How to achieved proper concentration during spiritual exercises?

When should one avoid participating in Sufi gatherings?

what’s the connection between the tongue, the mind, and therefore the heart?

How is one to know visions received in sleep?

The work also includes the author’s commentary on a poem on inner wayfaring which speaks of the foremost exalted stations of the trail and goes on to elucidate variety of paradoxes of the Way, like the rationale as why the saints usually refuse to deploy their miraculous powers, preferring to consider self-scrutiny and therefore the compassionate guidance of others. These points are explained with references from the famous mysterious poems of Abu Madyan and Ibn al-Farid.


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