I Became a Muslim


Name : I Became a Muslim




This book is written by Aysha parry a woman who was born and brought up in a Christian family. Later she embraced Islam finding contentment in Islam. This book is a story of her that the questions she faced in accepting Islam. In this book she clarifies how she got befuddled and afterward frustrated by her Christian religion. In the wake of going all throughout the planet in an otherworldly mission, during which she found various societies and saw uncommon strict practices, the incredible ‘call to supplication’ caught her heart, welcoming her to accept Islam. Her last and bold choice was to put Allah, love and family at the core of her new strict way of life in the spot she presently calls home: Egypt. Her particular story clarifies precisely what she found in Islam and what she gave up. The sincere conversations of the difficulties she looked when Islam may incidentally incorporate proclamations that are not totally as per Islamic statement of faith, but rather they mirror her one of a kind encounters and progressing cycle of learning. I Became a Muslim will move the individuals who are thinking about changing over to Islam just as the individuals who essentially need to more readily comprehend this religion.


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