Muhammad Asad : His Contribution to Islamic Learning


Name : Muhammad Asad : His Contribution to Islamic Learning




The causes of Westerners converting to Islam are varied; but there are usually three overarching reasons common to them: belief within the divine origin of the Qur’an, within the prophethood of Muhammad and in Islam’s message to steer a righteous life. This book presents the case of a European of the 20th century, one Leopold Weiss, who took it upon himself to review the Arabic and therefore the refore the Quran and was so impressed with the sweetness of its diction and the spiritual depth of its ideas that he ended up embracing Islam who later became referred to as Muhammad Asad. He was a gifted young writer, pilgrim and linguist with a radical knowledge of the Bible, the Talmud and with deep roots in European culture, who took the road eastern side to Makkah, and his name now figures on the rolls of 20th century English–language Muslim scholars and thinkers. The author explained the life and works of Muhammad Asad. specially, his beautiful translation of the holy Quran.


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