Science of Dawah


Name : Science of Dawah




This book by Shaikh Akhlaque-E-Rasool is a new dimension of thought process which has not been mentioned in the Islamic literature. However, In the holy Qur’an Allah Rabbul ‘Alamin introduced the matter of Da’wah in a scientific way in the verse of Surah Nahal(125). In this verse, the philosophical terms Wisdom, Sermonizing and Argument are connected in a logical fashion. This book provides explanation of many topiics that related to Da’wah activities such as wisdom tringle, wisdom process tringle, Da’wah methodology, structure of a Da’wah organization, decision making process of a Da’wah organization, sermonizing techniques, science of argument, appearance and approach of arguer (Daa’ee), and some few other selected topics of argument that are usually a Daa’ee faces during Islamic Da’wah works


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